Helping employers within Piling.

Developing the future piling operatives can be somewhat of a dark art, we know at first hand that it can be quite fluid and require both a leap of faith from the incumbent workforce and the employer. We are here top help ‘temper’ that leap of faith and provide the necessary support and programmes that can help you train the workforce of tomorrow.

In our opinion these are the following things that make up a successful training programme for creating a workforce required to operate proficient piling provision, through a team (or Gang!) of competent operatives.

Areas we can help with:

Drilling Operations

This is providing the technical training to deliver exceptional piling operations under the CPCS or NPORS-CSCS awarding schemes. This is predominantly done on site, with the host employer, so we can assess and award based on real life piling scenarios. Some classroom training is delivered to support this approach.

Supporting Operations Plant Training

Each ‘gang’ will need help in operating concrete pumps, moving spoil, and providing mechanical and engineering support to the rig operator. We are experts in providing accredited training through schemes, including NPORS-CSCS and CPCS, to ensure capability and competency of operatives.


Part of the piling solution will require both rig access, piling platform creation and eyes and ears on the ground to ensure safety. So we are available to provide Driver CPC solutions, as well as qualifications in lifting operations, such as Slinger/Signaller and Appointed Person.

Health & Safety

In every piling job the safety and quality of the project is of paramount importance and is the one area that needs attention from a foundations contractor. We provide training across the Site Safety Plus (SSP) suite of courses, as well as reputable in-house programmes in addition to First Aid.

Providing Ongoing Support

We provide a holistic delivery system, helping you as an employer get the right solutions to minimise disruption but maximise credentials and skills across your workforces. Our administrative team work tirelessly to support your needs and provide governance at every level. Our account teams are there to provide bespoke support in helping you make the right commercial decisions as well as produce a full competent workforce.

Funding, Grants and Levy’s.

As you will know within construction that there is a huge investment programme within the industry in developing and nurturing the right talent based on forecasted labour force skills requirements. Here at Van Elle Training & Assessment Services we can help you navigate, this sometimes complex, repository of funding options, levy requirements and grant opportunities. All based on the needs of your workforce planning to futureproof your business.

Other areas of tailored support.

In addition to the various training courses and qualifications available, we also provide expertise in variety of other areas including: 

  • Training Matrix Planning & Delivery

  • Bespoke Training Plans & Programmes

  • Apprenticeships