Funding, Grants and Levy’s

Being part of the construction industry allows you to access different funding allocations, grant schemes and contributions to your training provision. Here is a snapshot of each one below, but please get in touch for further information.


The CITB Levy applies to all employers who are engaged wholly or mainly in construction industry activities. Whether you pay the levy depends upon the wage bill of your organisation or company.

The purpose of the CITB Levy

The CITB Levy is used to ensure the industry has the skilled workforce it needs. It does this by directly supporting the construction industry with:

  • Training development through grants and funding
  • Promoting the construction industry as a great career choice and offering high quality apprenticeships
  • Identifying skills which are needed across the construction industry
  • Developing occupational standards and qualifications

There are three strategic priorities the Levy is based around, to ensure the construction workforce has the correct skills for now, and in the future. These are:

  • Careers
  • Standards and qualifications
  • Training and development

What can the funding be used for?

CITB offer support to the industry through grants and funds. CITB grants cover day to day training and the funds cover specific projects and commissions.
Grants support employers who provide day to day training for their workforce. They contribute to the cost of training and qualifying your workforce in construction related subjects across short course grants, qualification grants and apprenticeship grants.

Short course grants

Short course grants are for the achievement of approved short courses. Any course which can last from 3 hours to 29 days and is focused on the core construction skills will qualify.

Courses which are short in duration, and that are aligned to approved construction-related standards will be paid for with the short course grant. This is including plant training courses that are linked to any card scheme, and the theory and practical elements of Construction Plant Competency Scheme (CPCS) technical tests.

Qualification grants

Courses that take more than one year to complete, and that focuses on the core construction skills can qualify as a long-period qualification grant. Courses which are undertaken through distance learning and e-learning are also supported. Higher level qualifications include

  • Higher National Certificates and Diplomas (HNCs and HNDs)
  • Degrees
  • Post-graduate qualifications

These grants do not support apprenticeships. Please see below for details and available support regarding apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship grants

The apprenticeship grant for employers is available in addition to grants that are used to help pay the apprentice’s wages.

Individuals who are undertaking an approved apprenticeship at either levels 2 or 3, or a higher apprenticeship are eligible for the CITB apprenticeship funding.

Grants of up to £10,250 per apprentice are available to registered employers.


Funding is provided for specific projects which relate to careers, innovation and training.

Construction Skills Fund

The Construction Skills Fund supports the development of construction on-site training. The funding can be between £5,000 and £10,000 per year.

The training hubs help train the long-term unemployed and people who are looking to change career into the construction industry.