Here at Van Elle Training & Assessment we have the required knowledge and experience to develop training solutions fit for your construction business. We understand the demands on your workforce and the need to provide training in a way that futureproofs the ability to deliver the project without too much disruption. We can also advise on the right funding options available and where you can draw down grants and levy’s to support your training.

Sectors within Construction we can help.

Funding, Grants and Levy’s.

As you will know within construction that there is a huge investment programme within the industry in developing and nurturing the right talent based on forecasted labour force skills requirements. Here at      Van Elle Training & Assessment we can help you navigate, this sometimes complex, repository of funding options, levy requirements and grant opportunities. All based on the needs of your workforce planning to futureproof your business.

Other areas of tailored support.

In addition to the various training courses and qualifications available, we also provide expertise in variety of other areas including: 

  • Training Matrix Planning & Delivery

  • Bespoke Training Plans & Programmes

  • Apprenticeships